Past the Point of No Return

Sometimes i wonder, the people you room with in uni they can be so two faced…like one second they are being so nice to you and giving you compliments and the next second they are talking behind your back…
They don’t even have the courage to tell you what is on their mind but they are perfectly fine talking behind your back…looks like they are probably cowards and cant even face me to tell me what they really want to say…its stupid but at the same time it’s hurtful because you know they are talking about you yet they don’t know you can hear them….I’m done with people…they are mean and hurtful and nothing good comes out of communicating with them…. :(


The Good Vibe


The Good Vibe


Some people were a little confused so I made this.




i need a two hour long hug



And by that I mean this is one of two give aways celebrating my 100 follower milestone. Because I’m a fucking nerdlord loser and so are you don’t deny it, I’m hosting a DC COMICS and some other random stuff give away. 

This is one is structured a little different from my anime/manga give away even though I use almost all the same words. You are free to enter both or either!

Here’s How It Works:

I will choose FIVE winners, who will get to choose their prize package in order. 

First Prize
-You pick ONE of Three trades listed below
-Super Fun Justice League Party Pack (Masks, Stickers, and Hand Tattoos)
-Your choice of FOUR out of eleven single issue packs listed below
-Four of eight random throw ins, which will be a surprise.

Second Place
-You get to choose ONE of the two remaining trades
-You get to choose Four of the remaining single issue packs
-You get the rest of the random throw ins, which will be a surprise.

Third Place
-You get the remaining trade
-You get the remaining single issue packs

(Picture above) Trades:
"Y: the Last Man" Vol. 1, Hardcover,
"JLA: The Injustice League,"
"Legion: Prophets" the official Prelude to the film. 

(Pictured above) Justice league super fun thingy pack including
-Felt Masks
-Comic stickers
-Hand puppet tattoos

(not pictured above) Single issue Packs:
-New52 Demon Knights #1
-Teen Titans year 1 #1 of 6
-COUNTDOWN 43 “A Final Farewell”
-DC Comics Presents Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes #43
-New52 Batman Detective Comics #1,#2,#3
-Blackest Night #1 of 8
-Young Justice #0
-New52 Teen Titans #1
-New52 Justice League Dark #1, #2, #3
-DC Presents Superman and Metamorpho the Element Man #40
-New52 Superboy #1

(not pictured above) A whole host of random add ins including:
-Some miscellany comics from Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, and Zenoscope
-Free Comic book day collectibles from past years
-Lantern Rings

HERE’S HOW YOU WIN aka the rules

1. This giveaway is for my followers, so you mbf me. And come on. No give away blogs
2. You must be willing to give your shipping address
3. Your ask box must be open

-ONE like and ONE reblog count, each as one entry. SO the max number of entries you get is TWO.
-Winner will be chosen by random number generator on May 25, at which time winners will be contacted via Tumblr messaging system.
-The winners will have until May 26 (24 hours) to respond. If you don’t respond, I’ll chose another number. Winners will be ANNOUNCED publically on the 26th, so you’ll know if you didn’t win.
-You don’t pay a dime. Shipping will be free. Anywhere in the world.

Thanks so much for 100 followers you guy. Sorry I’m such nerd trash <3
 Comics not your thing? Check out my animanga give away instead.








Powerful & creative imagery

the food and education made me sad.

I have always been fascinated by these ‘world of 100 people’ things, I remember spending hours thinking through the ones on a poster at church when I was 9 or so. It really, really makes some really important stuff so blindingly clear, in numbers we can understand. And it should, I hope it does, inspire us to act. 

Amazing post.

i hope im one of the 7 people with a computer

It’s sad that more people would have a computer that an education

well, hold up. that’s college education, not public education or trade school. but even then, it’d probably only be in the 20s or 30s. 

The best feeling in the world is knowing your presence and absence both mean something to someone.

Unknown  (via seeking-a-friend)